Welcome to HEDO.

Choreographer, entrepreneur and proud member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ family, Christy Curtis Buss, created the HEDO skincare line to “aid in your everyday routine for success.” Derived from the word “hedonism”, the unisex, anti-aging products focus on self-love, self-care and taking care of your skin now and in the future so you can look and feel your best.

HEDO is made in the USA under FDA labs with advanced pharmaceutical-grade formulas. The products are 100% cruelty-free, have no artificial colors or fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives, parabens or other harmful toxins. .

About Christy

As a successful dancer, choreographer, actress and business owner, born in St. Louis, Missouri, Christy grew up dancing at her mother’s dance studio. She got her big break in 1979 when she won the ABC Television Special “All American Girl” and moved to Los Angeles, California.

Shortly thereafter, she auditioned and won a spot as a Los Angeles Rams’ cheerleader. 

Her extreme talent and ability to lead others enabled her to become the dance captain and travel the world on *8 USO Tours. She was on numerous parts in commercials, Soap Operas and film. She choreographed on Daytime TV including: “Passion”, “Days of Our Lives”, “Sunset Beach”. Christy also choreographed for the LA Sparks, LA Rams and the LA Clippers. Following in her mothers footsteps she opened The Studio Art of Dance in 1993 in El Segundo, California where she has

taught thousands of small children to senior citizens ballet, gymnastics, jazz, tap and more for over 28 years.

She is and has been celebrity host on various reality television and talk shows.

Christy has worked with numerous charities on various special events. She enjoys good health, family and friends.

Her goal is to provide some of the most high-quality skincare products on the market today with spa-quality results you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

From Christy

You can think of it like a moonshot mixed with a labor of love; and while I can't promise a handwritten note with every order (I try) when you do get one, know it's from the heart.

I appreciate you stopping by.

Christy Buss